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What's Possible Workshop: Be Bold You

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Girls at the Be Bold You workshop learn about how to thrive in today's high-pressure world.

The What’s Possible: Be Bold You workshop that took place this month in Redmond, WA was attended by a group of 6th-12th graders across various local schools. The workshop was led by our inspiring guest, Brieanne Yuchasz, who has a wealth of experience and is passionate about helping girls unlock their full potential. We had candid discussions about how to thrive in today’s high-pressure world, and covered topics such as values, perfectionism, confidence and more.

Infographic of the Be Bold You workshop  highlights

Raving reviews

We got very positive feedback from the girls after the event, with over 96% stating they were either very or extremely satisfied with the event, and 96% also stating that they are likely to recommend this workshop to their friends.

Workshop highlights

One of the highlights of the workshop was an exercise on visions. Brieanne led the girls through a vision exercise of their ideal selves, and some of the visions were:

  • to be more confident

  • to be happier & healthier

  • to be more positive

  • to be more connected

  • to be more organized

The girls also went through an exercise of identifying their values: Some examples were: achievement, creativity, friendship, love, and balance.

We have to start with ourselves to be bold

As Brieanne says, “Self-awareness creates choices, which leads to intentional action…action towards aligning to your values and vision.”

More to come

Hot off the press! This blog marks the launch of our Be Bold Girls Blog. You can expect to see a new blog post every Friday, with the next one covering affirmations, a topic we discussed during our BE BOLD YOU workshop. Bookmark the blog page HERE.

Join our next What’s Possible Workshop – Design for Good on Sunday, November 5th! We will cover design thinking for those who are curious and want to learn about how to design the change you want to see.

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