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Lift yourself up with kind thoughts

Be Bold Girls learn about the power of affirmations.

As writer Cleo Wade says in her book Heart Talk, “You are the first person you speak to in the morning. What does that you sound like? Are you trash talking about yourself to yourself? Are you celebrating yourself? Are you creating nervous chatter? How you speak to yourself sets the tone for how the rest of the world will speak to you; use that power to lift yourself up and create your standard for loving communication.”

In just a matter of five minutes, at our recent What’s Possible workshop in Redmond, WA, the girls came up with a board full of affirmation sticky-notes. There was so much power created right there.

photo of a whiteboard with colorful sticky notes with affirmations.
Be Bold Girls filled up a board with powerful affirmations.

Create your own affirmation practice

The easiest way to replace the negative voice inside our head is by creating a self-kindness practice. Begin yours now by saying a positive affirmation to yourself every morning that will lift you up.

Create your own set of affirmations and stick them to your bathroom mirror. Every morning, say them out loud. Declare them out to the universe. “Our world needs more cheerleaders. Start by being one for yourself.”

Coming up next

Join our next What’s Possible Workshop – Design for Good on Sunday, November 5th! We will cover design thinking for those who are curious and want to learn about how to design the change you want to see.

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