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Changemaker challengE

Use your voice and talent to make change happen through creating a solution proposal to address a challenge young women face today and get coaching from professionals. Registration opens on March 25, 2023. 


challenge overview

You will be required to present your Changemaker Challenge pitch with your team in-person on May 20th, 2023, Microsoft Campus, Redmond, Washington. 

Your team must be registered on by your adult leader (parent, guardian, educator, club sponsor) no later than midnight PST on May 7th.

Each team will be composed of at least one member and no more than 6 members to qualify. All team members must be 7th to 12th graders. 

Each team will be required to design and present a solution addressing an issue impacting young women and girls. 

The team will research their target audience and then propose a solution design to bring to market/community/school that will address a problem impacting young women and girls. They must explain why, based on the research, they believe this solution has potential and describe the impact they expect it to have. 

All The presented solutions will be evaluated by a panel of professional experts. The design proposed should either be a new solution or improve on an existing solution. 

presentation guidelines

All participating teams will be required to prepare a 10-minute pitch using any format they wish e.g. video, PowerPoint, demonstration, or other format. 

Each team will be invited to present their solution on Changemaker Challenge Pitch Day, May 20, 2023 

All presentations must include: 

  • A description and name of the solution. 

  • A problem statement and short description of the scale of the problem the solution is designed to solve.  

  • Share the approach and key findings of the research conducted by the team to support their proposal. 

  • How easily it could be implemented. 

  • Expected impact of the solution on target audience

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Presentation Evaluation & Awards

A panel of professional experts will evaluate each teams solution design presentation on Changemaker Pitch Day: May 20th, 2023 using the rubric criteria below. 

All participants will be awarded a Changemaker Challenge Certificate and digital badge. There will also be special awards recognizing best in class on the day. 

Design Solution Evaluation Criteria 

Criterion Low (1 point) Medium (2 points) High (3 points)  


In what ways did you show depth of understanding of the problem?  How clear is the problem statement? 

Low = 1 

Medium = 2  

High = 3  


How does this explanation show depth of understanding? How much of your research is shown in this explanation? Is this explanation easy to understand? Does this explanation correctly portray the scale of the need?

Low = 1 

Medium = 2  

High = 3  


Is your entry original? How is it different from others? What stands out? 

Low = 1 

Medium = 2  

High = 3  


What effect will your solution have on young girls? How will it benefit them? Will it be able to help solve that issue? Will young girls be willing to use this solution?

Low = 1 

Medium = 2  

High = 3  


How clearly was the problem and solution presented? Was it well articulated?  Easy to understand?

Low = 1 

Medium = 2  

High = 3  


LOW (1)


HIGH (3)

Problem Understanding

Minimal understanding of the issue, lacks clarity and problem statement is ill-defined

The problem statement is relatively clear and understandable

Demonstrates depth of understanding of the problem, clearly defined and easy to understand

Detailed Research

Lacks thorough research, or logical approach and minimal findings 

The information on the target audience is sufficient but not deep

Thorough insights, data clearly presented/stated. Well researched

Originality & Innovation

Lacks innovative thinking and originality when compared to other solutions available 

Some innovative thinking but may lack originality i.e., overlap with existing solutions

The idea expresses strong innovative thinking - either a new solution or strong improvement to existing solution


Lacks clear impact or benefit 

Impact and benefits as described meet expectations 

Appeal, impact, and benefits exceed expectations 

Overall Presentation

Difficulty in presenting idea, missing elements of presentation 

Presentation delivery lacks some clarity and organization and is moderately creative 

Delivery is clear, well organized, and in presented in a creative manner 



/ March

Changemaker Challenge Opens for Registration


/ may

Changemaker Challenge Team Registration Deadline


/ may

Changemaker Challenge Pitch Day


Welcome to the 2023 Be Bold Girls Changemaker Challenge 

This registration must be submitted by an Adult Team Lead on behalf of their student members on the team.  

If you are a student looking to register for this competition please request your parent, legal guardian, educator or club sponsor aged over 18 register you or your team on your behalf. 

Registration deadline is May 7th, 2023.


We require a minimum of one student and a maximum of 6 students for each team.  All teams must have at least one team member available to present in-person on Changemaker Challenge Pitch Day, May 20th, at Microsoft Campus, Redmond, WA. 

By submitting this form, you provide consent on behalf of all your team members to the Be Bold Girls Team to use your team's submission content for communication and promotion purposes.  





By submitting this form you are confirming you are the age of 13 or older.

Thanks! You're officially registered :)

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