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Registration for Bold Girls Transform the Norm changemaker challenge contest opens on October 11th, 2022. 


Team entry

Participation in Bold Girls for students is via a Team Leader (educator, instructor, coach, parent, or guardian - over the age of 18). The Team Leader will register on behalf of the student team and submit final proposal before the deadline: Jan 13, 2023.


Each student team must consist of one student leader plus a maximum of six student members. Each team can only submit one entry

  • All student members must be from 6th – 8th grade in the 2022-2023 school year for Middle School group, and from 9th – 12th grade in the 2022-2023 school year for High School group. 

  • If the team consists of students from both middle and high school, they will compete in the High School group

The Team Leader and Student Leader will oversee communicating with the Bold Girls project team, and are required to attend at least one of the training  sessions organized by the Bold Girls team. The Student Leader may be required to create a club at their school or community organization if needed


Finalists will be informed by end of Jan 2023, then proceed to Mission 3

submission details

All Category Submissions need to include the following components: 

  • Be based off a specific struggle young women face that also relates to this year’s theme: Transform the Norm. You can pick the standard brief from the Bold Girls Changemaker Challenge category or create your own. 

  • Use and cite research to demonstrate the significance of the issue and its impact, you may want to run a survey of your own

  • Include an innovative and creative solution to address the specific struggle

  • Be mapped to one of the 4 categories: 

    • Advertising, Communications & Social Media 

    • Arts

    • Community Service

    • Technology, Gaming or Engineering Design

  • Include an execution plan to explain how to use your solution to make the biggest impact

  • Elaborate on the expected impact and what it will change for women and girls.

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entry formats

Creative video presentation of the solution proposal that does not exceed 8 minutes . Supported by a PowerPoint or equivalent of no more than 10 slides. Click below to learn more.


Performance art or visual art such as (but not limited to): A dance performance, a drawing piece, a song, a play, a sculpture, a fashion design.


Examples for inspiration:

Taylor Swift – The Man 

What the Constitution Means to Me


Supporting organization: To be confirmed


Standard Brief: Coming soon


Rubric: Bold Girls context rubrics.docx 


Social Media

An advertising, communications or social media campaign aimed at educating a target audience group on the change you wish to see, such as (but not limited to): A trending hashtag, an influencer group, an ad campaign.

Examples for inspiration:

#Like a Girl 

Detox Your Feed


Supporting organization: To be confirmed


Standard Brief: Coming soon




Engineering design

Design a digital solution that helps others learn about biased language and behavior that negatively impact young women.  This could be (but not limited to): a game, an app, a device, an educational toy.

Examples for inspiration: 

Gratitude: Self-Care Journal

New Barbie Honors Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

Supporting organization: To be confirmed


Standard Brief: Coming soon




Community Service

Community service based program or activity that helps empower and support young women such as (but not limit to): tutoring to underprivileged girls, free camps or training workshops for young girls. 

Examples for inspiration:

Teen Link - Support and Resources - How do I support my friend or peer?

OneLove Foundation

Supporting organization: To be confirmed


Standard Brief: Coming soon