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Bold Girls is an outstanding program.  My daughters, 14 and 16, were in the program.  They loved it.  The program provides great mentoring, structure, and guidance.  At the same time, the program promotes independence and autonomy.  The girls work together to develop strategies and formulate plans for implementation.  They have leadership opportunities and work in a nurturing collaborative environment. They also improve public speaking skills through multiple events.  The advisors were amazing.  They worked tirelessly with passion, dedication, and commitment for the program.  I highly recommend this program. 

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Pallavi Patel 
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As a parent with two daughters actively participating in the program, I am very proud to see how much they’ve grown through this experience. When my daughters first started in the program, we were unsure of what to expect. However, as the program unfolded, I was amazed to see how much they contributed to shape the program with their unique perspectives, insights, and ideas. Seeing the progress of the program and knowing that they can make an impact at their age have given them confidence and made them more passionate about the cause. One of the key benefits from the program is that they could learn and practice vital life skills that are not typically covered in school, such as communication, design thinking, problem solving etc. In addition, they received invaluable coaching and feedback through the interaction with the project adult leads and speakers which they wouldn’t have access to without this program. Both my daughters and I are deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Be Bold Girls program. We are committed to continue this journey, hoping to see the program expands its reach, allowing more girls like mine to benefit from its transformative power.

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 PM Kam
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I am incredibly happy to provide my testimonial about the profound impact that the student project team of Be Bold Girls has had on my daughter's personal development. As a parent, I have directly observed the transformation that has occurred within her ever since she joined this program. 


From the moment my daughter became part of the student project team, I immediately noticed a significant enhancement in her leadership skills. Through the program's emphasis on collaboration, she has learned the importance of effective communication, teamwork, and decision-making. Working side by side with her peers and sharing ideas and responsibilities has not only cultivated a sense of accountability within her but has also given her the ability to lead with confidence. I have witnessed her taking charge of various projects, guiding and motivating her teammates to achieve their shared objectives. 


Additionally, the program has provided my daughter with numerous opportunities to step outside of her comfort zone, which has greatly boosted her self-assurance. Engaging in workshops, presentations, and interactions with mentors has allowed her to develop exceptional public speaking skills and the ability to express herself eloquently. It has been truly captivating to witness her deliver impactful speeches and presentations with grace and conviction. This newfound confidence has not only positively influenced her within the program but has also translated into other aspects of her life, empowering her to approach challenges with a positive mindset. 


Furthermore, I am deeply grateful for the program's strong emphasis on mentorship and guidance. The dedicated mentors and experienced professionals who support the student project team have played a pivotal role in nurturing my daughter's personal growth. Their unwavering support and guidance have provided her with invaluable knowledge and insights that have contributed to her development. I am immensely appreciative of their commitment and the positive impact they have had on my daughter's journey. 

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Michelle Wu
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The Be Bold Girls program has enabled my daughter to develop critical leadership skills including communication, problem solving, collaboration and design thinking in a practical, impactful way. 


Witnessing her making a meaningful contribution to today's society and grow in confidence whilst standing up for what she believes in has brought untold value and opportunity- none of which can be taught in a classroom environment. 


My daughter developed her passion for social media and marketing and Be Bold Girls gave her the platform to strategize and implement a social  media campaign in real time. She now has career-ready skills for the working world. 


She is excited to spread the Be Bold Girls program internationally as her next mission. 

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Kenneth & Rebecca Andrew
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